Summer Spritzes!!!

We are Spritz mad at Boboli and The Lighthouse . . . and they certainly seem to be much loved by our wonderful, sparkling regulars!!!

It caused me to wonder about the origins . . . the first Spritz according to my sources were from Austria, the classic white wine and sparkling water. Early in the 1900s the Italians started mixing it up with Aperol and sparkling wine (I think this is my fave) and then we all went a bit crazy for it.

Limoncello with prosecco and lemonade is dangerously like lemon sherbet, but alcoholic!!! Elderflower with a splash of gin for good measure? I suspect as dangerously drinkable as the Limoncello.

Thanks to the wonderful Two Birds Strawberry and Vanilla Gin, we went all fruity with our Strawberry Spritz and more recently for the sophisticate we had a go with Sloe Gin, prosecco and soda . . . very classy.

The Bicicletta is another Italian throwback, Campari, white wine and soda, I do find the bitter so refreshing I have to say!

Portonic Spritz is another special we serve, simply, crisp white port with Fever Tree tonic water, best with a wedge of lime and sprig of fresh mint!

The flavoured gins make for good mixing too, especially the Italian Malfy range, Lemon, Blood Orange and the fabulous Pink Grapefruit, all made with the stunning fruits of Sicilia, what’s not to love!

Either way, clink, fizz and spritz away the summer days with us we will be more than happy to oblige!

 A presto!

Sarah x

Posted on June 7, 2019 .

Cheesy ponderings. Part one.

Parmigiano Reggiano or Parmesan?

Parmigiano Reggiano is one of the best known hard cheeses of northern Italy, but did you know that production dates back at least nine centuries?  In recent years it has been strictly regulated and the process closely controlled, earning it the approval stamp on its golden rind to confirm it is DOP, that is Protected Denomination of Origin, much as in the classification and controls of wine production.

As with all good things there will be cheeky imitations trying to take the glory, and often the name Parmesan is used for cheeses that bear no resemblance nor heritage to the genuine article.  So whilst you can argue, perhaps, that parmesan is a straight translation of the word Parmigiano, aficionados would argue that it is the not the same things at all!

‘Potayto’ . . . ‘Potahto’ you might say. 

But if we are to be truly representational of Lino’s beloved homeland and boast that we are an authentic Italian Ristorante then we must do our best to honour the traditions, and endeavour to bring the best and most authentic of foodie goodies to your table as we are able to source.

Lino’s social media post a few weeks ago showed these lovely chunks for Parmigano with the caption, “No words needed” and there you have it . . . perfetto!

Ciao for now

Sarah x


Posted on May 31, 2019 .


In our quest to keep it as local as we are able, despite our Italian origins, and our desire to play our part in reducing carbon footprints, and actually, just because some things local really are the very best you can get; we have worked with John and Jill Vickers of Bridge 67 for some years now,  initially with a view to being involved in the cookery school but more recently Lino has enjoyed learning more about the origins of the cattle, the care extended to the livestock at Binley Bridge Farm, and the fantastic quality of the meat we are subsequently able to serve at both The Lighthouse and Boboli.

 The Vickers family have been farming in Kibworth since the 1930s and their enthusiasm for rearing their cattle and lambs in the best possible environment has had a massive impact on the local environs, not only tending to the fields for pasture but also tending to true conservation. 

Planting trees and hedgerows and enhancing watercourses all impacts on the flourishing wildlife and general beauty of our canal paths and the many beautiful public walks in our local countryside . . .  watch out for John’s rant on wildlife, conservation, limitations and bureaucracy . . . he has a point and makes it so passionately you cannot help but admire the family’s commitment.

It is a joy to work with them, supporting their endeavours and serving some of the best beef and lamb for miles around.

 A presto,

 Sarah x

Posted on May 17, 2019 .